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Encaustic Floor Tiles

Encaustic tiles have long been a popular choice in traditional properties, and their increasing popularity in recent years is testament to their enduring appeal. Characterised by intricate designs and geometric patterns, encaustic floor tiles differ to ceramic tiles in that the characteristic pattern is not a result of a surface glaze. Instead, the pattern is inlaid into the tile, which means designs appear as vivid and bright as ever as the tile wears with age. This durability makes encaustic floor tiles a great choice for hallways and areas of heavy traffic, so it's no surprise to hear that they have been a popular flooring choice since Medieval times, and more recently a classic choice in the Victorian era.

Today, encaustic floor tiles are an excellent way to add a touch of traditional charm to any property - be it traditional or modern. And these tiles are by no means reserved to the floor. They can brighten up a bathroom, create a feature splashback in a kitchen, and even be used to separate two areas of a large room. The uses for encaustic tiles are endless - take a look at the range available from Hyperion Tiles and decide where you'd like these tiles to feature in your home.